Revolution in formaldehyde determination

Determining the formaldehyde emission of wood-based materials is becoming an ever greater challenge in the context of factory quality control due to the continuously decreasing limit values.
The future in view: Formaldehyde measurement with GreCon GASANALSER MC
The future in view: Formaldehyde measurement with GreCon GASANALSER MC

Measuring technology



With the laboratory measuring device GreCon GASANALYSER MC, Fagus-GreCon presents a new high-performance small chamber measuring system for formaldehyde determination, which provides highly precise test values within a few minutes. This short testing time allows for close-meshed production control and timely implementation of countermeasures should any undesired deviations occur. As a result, the production of rejects due to limit values being exceeded in formaldehyde emissions is kept to a minimum. 

Measured values in the twinkling of an eye

GASANALYSER MC determines the formaldehyde emission of the tested material samples in just 15 minutes. Compared to conventional gas analysis, this reduces the testing time by more than 90%. This time reduction enables close-meshed production monitoring and leads to a higher statistical reliability of the measured values. Any exceedance of the permissible limit values is detected more quickly and reliably and can be remedied by taking appropriate corrective measures. GASANALYSER MC therefore not only delivers measured values very quickly, the investment in this new measuring device also pays for itself quickly.

GASANALYSER MC determines the formaldehyde emission of the test specimens to be examined completely automatically by means of high-precision infrared laser spectroscopy. 

The test chamber meets the requirements of the American test standard ASTM D 6007 (Standard Test Method for Determination of Formaldehyde Concentration in Air Caused by Wood Products Using a Small Chamber) and the forthcoming revised version of ISO 12460-2.

Excellent correlation of test and reference chamber values

The test conditions of the GASANALYSER MC and the reference chamber measurement are identical in many respects. In both methods, sample material is flushed with air. Air temperature and humidity of the test air are almost identical in both methods. 

Due to this similarity of the test conditions in combination with the high analytical precision of the infrared laser spectroscopy used, GASANALYSER MC delivers reliable measured values in record time, which correlate excellently with the measured values of the reference chamber.

Easy to operate

GASANALYSER MC can be operated intuitively via the touch display of the system. Thanks to fully automatic analysis and the elimination of the wet chemistry required for classic gas analysis, the formaldehyde determination with GASANALYSER MC runs in the background. This reduces the time burden on the laboratory staff as well as potential individual sources of error.

The laboratory measuring device is not only easy to operate, it also rarely needs to be calibrated. Thanks to the modular design of the GASANALYSER product family, existing laser spectroscopes of the GASANALYSER SL can also be used for the GASANAYLSER MC.

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