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FAGUS-GRECON Greten GmbH & Co. KGHannoversche Straße 58
31061 Alfeld

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The Whole Range

The product portfolio of GreCon ranges from spark detection and extinguishment systems via press protection systems to optical and x-ray scanners. The Fagus business unit is foremost in the manufacturing and development of shoe lasts.

Fire Protection Systems

As a preventive fire protection means our spark extinguishing systems avoid fires and explosions in filters, silos and other production areas. 

Measuring Systems

Our complete product range of measuring systems and scanners is used worldwide in the wood-based panels industry and in many other kinds of industry for process.

Shoe Lasts & Moulds

For about 100 years we have advised the shoe industry regarding fashion trends, questions with regard to good fit and production possibilities. We deliver customer-specific shoe lasts and moulds required for the international shoe industry. 

Family Values

Fagus-GreCon Greten GmbH & Co. KG is a privately held company located in Alfeld/Hanover, Germany. The Fagus business unit is foremost in the manufacturing and development of shoe lasts. The GreCon business unit is the market leader in the manufacturing and development of measuring equipment and fire protection systems for many kinds of industries - among others for the wood-based panels industry. 

Precise measuring values for more than 40 years

Our products supply reliable data for process control and quality assurance. We measure both physical base quantities, such as thickness, moisture or weight, and process-specific parameters, the measurement of which is based on physical models.

Industrial automation covers almost all areas and industries. Thus, the number and diversity of the process-specific parameters that are to be measured is increasing. From blow detection via identification of contamination to the evaluation of surface quality regarding colour and decor, we supply our customers the tailor-made solution for their industry-specific application.

Industry 4.0 is only possible with reliable, comprehensible values. More and more processes are controlled automatically on the basis of measuring values. The values measured by a system serve as a supplier for a following system, such as the forming optimisation GreCon FORMATOR.

Where tradition and innovation meet

More than 500 Fagus-GreCon employees worldwide are committed to offering our customers innovative and reliable solutions in the area of spark extinguishing systems, measuring systems and shoe lasts every day.

Innovation has been our tradition for more than 100 years. Our staff have been the centre of attention since our foundation. Discover your career prospects and become part of the Fagus-GreCon Family. We are a traditional family enterprise located in Alfeld (Leine). Inform yourself about what we have to offer and our corporate culture. In the area "experiences of our staff", some staff members are introducing themselves and report of their everyday working life. Meet us and become part of the Fagus-GreCon company!

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