Fagus-GreCon at the ÖKOPROFIT Network Meeting

Commitment to Environmental and Climate Protection
Group picture of ÖKOPRIFT network



On 27 June 2024, Fagus-GreCon hosted the ÖKOPROFIT Märkischer Kreis network meeting at its premises in Alfeld. With locations in both Alfeld (Hildesheim District) and Lüdenscheid (North Rhine-Westphalia), Fagus-GreCon provided an ideal setting at the UNESCO World Heritage Fagus Factory for this event, promoting exchange and development in a historic atmosphere.

Fagus-GreCon is actively engaged in the ÖKOPROFIT project to improve its environmental and climate performance efficiently and cost-effectively through the formation of a local network of businesses, institutions, authorities, and experts. This commitment reflects our efforts to promote sustainable business strategies and fulfill our corporate responsibility.

At the network meeting, Jörg Grote, responsible for the Lüdenscheid site and sustainability at Fagus-GreCon, presented the company’s progress and projects within the framework of ÖKOPROFIT.

This included the installation of photovoltaic systems at our Alfeld site. This initiative is not only another element of our commitment to greater sustainability but also an important step towards more environmentally friendly energy supply. It underscores our effort to use renewable energy and reduce our corporate carbon footprint.

The meeting also offered participants the opportunity to exchange views on current developments in environmental protection and benefit from the experiences of others. Various lectures and discussion rounds highlighted successful projects and innovative approaches that can inspire further environmental initiatives.

Fagus-GreCon extends its gratitude to all participants for the lively exchange and constructive discussions. We remain committed to pursuing our environmental goals and look forward to future collaboration within the framework of ÖKOPROFIT.

Further information about the "Ecological Project for Integrated Environmental Technology" (ÖKOPROFIT) can be found here.