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Reliable measured values are the basis for systematic process control to achive stable production processes. Stable processes mean fewer rejects and satisfied customers.

Industrial machine with conveyor belt and thickness measurement

Thickness Measurement

Precise determination of material thickness

In many production processes, thickness is the decisive quality criterion. It can be used to determine fitting accuracy, stability and also raw material use in the process.

grey sensor for moisture measuring in front of different materials

Moisture Measurement

Process parameter material moisture under control

Depending on the production process and product, different requirements are placed on the measuring system.

silver metal housing with tubes in reagent glasses


Analysis and measurement systems in laboratory use

A wide range of measurement systems that perform specific tasks or even a whole series of measurement tasks in one work cycle enables you to achieve precise and fast measurement results. …

Orange boxes on cables hovering over wooden panel

Weight-per-unit-area measurement

Material distribution and use under control

The greatest benefit is offered by systems that enable fast and direct intervention in the production process. These non-contact measuring systems are used wherever materials are loosely…


Special solutions for industry-specific requirements

We develop tailor-made measuring solutions for your industry

Plasterboard storage in a shop for professionals

Gypsum plasterboard

Get the best out of your gypsum products with precision and measured values

Most modern technology is used in this industry to save the natural resource of gypsum and, at the same time, fulfil the different production requirements - depending on the purpose of…


Wood-based panel

Get the best out of your wood material with precision and measured values

The increasing share of recycled wood, the use of alternative materials along with always stricter environmental regulations in connection with the wish for always thinner and lighter…

Production of insulation material (Glasswool)

Insulation material

Get the best out of your insulating materials with precision and measured values

Product quality and resource-saving in energy and material are key considerations in producing insulation material. The production process consumes significant amounts of energy. …


Conveyor belt

Get the best out of your conveyor belt monitoring with precision and measured values

An unforeseeable failure of a conveyor belt has enormous consequences. Supply chains are interrupted, commitments cannot be complied with, standstills of upstream and downstream systems…


Latest News

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A New Procedure for Recognising Minimal Defects Has Received the Wilhelm-Klauditz Award


GreCon 3D PARTICLEVIEW awarded as "Innovation of the Year"

The GreCon 3D PARTICLEVIEW measuring solution, which assesses the wood particle quality, received the "Innovation of the Year" award from the US Engineered Wood Technology Association (EWTA), the trade association for suppliers to the North American wood-based products industry.


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