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Shoe Lasts

Up to date with respect to fit, fashion and technology

The last is the frame for a good shoe. Therefore, we rely on precise grading and high-quality materials - from the sample to the serial Fagus lasts. The consistent 3D, SDF and milling production technology ensures the complete processing of the last without manual rework and with high serial repeat accuracy.

Shoe lasts from Fagus

Fagus plastic lasts are made of high density PE (HDPE) to resist the production process of shoe manufacturing for a long time. As the blank production also takes place in-house, we control the material quality at all  time. Our high-strength milled aluminium lasts are extremely precise, durable and robust.

Service range

  • Lasts for direct injection moulding made of HDPE
  • Lasts for automation / robot handling made of HDPE
  • Last for the traditional shoe manufacturing / AGO made of HDPE
  • Aluminium lasts for direct soling
  • Pneumatic last holders and relasting and delasting machines