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Fagus offers uniqueness thanks to individual, technical and creative solutions

Shoe Last Development

Latest last trends in best fit and technically on the state-of-the-art

Sole Design

2D and 3D designs for soles and components


Continuous CAD-CAM workflow ensures the perfect match of lasts, soles and moulds

Shoe last development

Fashion, Fit, Technology: Latest last trends in best fit and technically on the state-of-the-art.

Shoe last development

Since 1911 we have been fabricating shoe lasts in best quality and perfect fit. A feeling for and dedication to fashion and aesthetics are absolutely necessary for us to develop latest shoe last models. In an individual and personal exchange with our customers, exclusive shoe last models are generated as trademarks for the international footwear collections. Thanks to the experience of many years of our modellers in combination with a consistent CAD-CAM process, we produce future shoe last trends in best fit and with highest quality for all types of shoes.

    • Model design for shoes with short-term and periodically fashionable character.
    • Fashionable and highly fashionable model design maintaining the usually customer-specific fit.
    • Implementation of the latest last forms through permanent trend information of our modellers.
    • Own collection design of the respective seasonal trends.
    • Development of the models taking especially into consideration the anatomy of the foot.
    • Multiple-width system to cover a larger width spectrum.
    • Aesthetic lasts which provide sufficient space also for insoles.
    • The models are designed in correct fit according to the age group. The development process of children's feet is thus taken into consideration.
    • Also in case of unisex last models, minimum spaces and functionality are taken into account.
    • For licensees of the WMS study group, the lasts are worked out in conformity with all WMS guidelines and marked with the WMS quality seal.
    • Developments of models for special demands.
    • With a sufficient freedom of toes and a reliable footing in the shoe, e.g. to overcome uphill and downhill gradients in the mountains.
    • Especially elaborated bottom anatomy to particularly support running. Last forming considering the current trends and especially the function.
    • Shoe last developments taking especially the components into consideration.
    • Optimal adaptation of the protective toecap made of steel, aluminium or plastic. Assessment of the cap ergonomics in line with the body of the last.
    • Taking into consideration puncture-inhibiting steel or tissue soles in the shoe last development.
    • Special consideration of sensitive areas of the lasts which play an important role for the compliance with the standards (e.g. slip resistance in the sole, residual height below the protective toecap).

Your advantages

An experienced partner for the development of shoe lasts

  • More than 100 years expertise in terms of fashion, last development and production processes
  • Experienced modellers and experts in one of the largest model departments of Europe
  • International model customers
  • Cooperation with universities and component manufacturers, e.g. manufacturer of caps

Perfect fit

  • Development of a personal fit as trade mark
  • Fit optimisation and reporting
  • Expert for multiple widths, especially slim widths - to be classified under a key word
  • Development of customer-specific last standards for a brand specific, consistent fit
  • WMS founder member and competent developer for children's lasts

Individual technical solutions

  • Concept development and individual briefing

Inspirations and collection advice

  • Concept development and individual briefing
  • Fashion in combination with best fit for footwear collections

Collection protection

  • We protect the ideas and products of our customers and do not divulge them


2D and 3D designs for soles and components

Fagus-GreCon develops individual 2D and 3D designs for soles and components for the direct soling as well as for the AGO process. High precision and experience of many years made in continuous cooperation with leading industrial footwear manufacturers prove our reputation as best supplier in the area of direct soling.

The development of the sole design is based on the data of the shoe lasts. We develop design proposals which follow not only fashion parameters but also production-related requirements together with our customers in a personal briefing with them. The Fagus designers are familiar with all footwear areas for soles and components.

Your advantages

  • Development of an individual sole design taking into consideration the production-related implementation
  • Optimal matching of last and sole design
  • Visualisation by 3D sole designs as well as rendering
  • Rapid prototyping by 3D printing


A continuous CAD-CAM workflow ensures the perfect match of lasts, soles and moulds

A continuous CAD-CAM workflow ensures the perfect match of lasts, soles and moulds. The CAD data compilation ready for manufacturing as well as the internally ensured data exchange between the responsible divisions are the requirements for high quality lasts and moulds for the industrial series production. If requested, it is possible to make available high precision prototypes via Rapid Rapid by 3D printing - quickly and reliably. 

Your advantages

  • A precise common data base for lasts, soles and moulds
  • Precise internal data compilation
  • Development of customer-specific special solutions in the CAD-CAM area
  • Development of last data for the data transmission to cooperation partners worldwide
  • 2D and 3D data compilation for profiles, templates and lasts
  • NC programming for "high precision lasts" or aluminium lasts and moulds
  • Internal reverse engineering to generate IGS files
  • High precision 3D digitisation (industrial scan 3D technology GOM)
  • Individual professional surface construction

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