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Fashion trends and design competence

Design makes products distinguishable, establishes distinctiveness and offers the user a new option for identification.

For us, a conclusive design is the optimal combination of fashion trends, technical requirements for series production and the optimal fit. That is the way we develop the optimal shoe which we design suitably for mould and production in our interdisciplinary team consisting of modellers as well as last and mould specialists.

  • Knowledge of 100 years around fashion,
  • production processes, technologies, methods
  • and materials
  • Digital last making
  • The design process defines function and fit
  • of the later shoe
  • Design, last and mould making go hand in hand under one umbrella

Experience and knowledge

The perfect fit is the decisive factor for the perfect comfort. Having this objective in mind, the Fagus modellers have access to more than 100 years of experience in mould making for ladies’, men’s, children’s and safety shoe lasts, besides the knowledge in anatomy and last technology. 

  • A good communication basis during the entire development phase by haptic models, 2D and 3D visualisation ensures the complete implementation of a shoe project - from the idea to series production
  • A conclusive design for the development of lasts and soles, the last and mould making    

Development of lasts

The last data are the basis for all design and construction tasks around the shoe. A continuous digital process chain is ensured starting from the last design via the sole design and the construction phase to the mould making. We make available last model data, inter alia for the fabrication of uppers and moulds. 

  • Trend scouting and market analysis in the centres of fashion development
  • Dialogue with other component providers 
  • High-precision model making for a smooth production process
  • 2D and 3D data generation for profiles, templates and lasts
  • High-precision 3D digitalisation and surface reconstruction

Development of moulds

Based on the last data, we offer the aligned, trendy and technically conclusive development of soles and sole components. The sole construction followed by the 3D design takes place based on the digital last data. The customer receives renderings, if possible also with photo-realistic views of the sole for assessment purposes.

  • Individual 2D and 3D design of outsoles and components
  • 3D designs of moulds and aluminium lasts