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Density Profile Measuring System GreCon STENOGRAPH even more efficient

Technical Details

The new GreCon STENOGRAPH can reliably measure the raw density profile of wood based panels inline from a thickness of 3 mm up to a thickness of 65 mm. Thanks to an improved software and a redeveloped calibration, the STENOGRAPH that is already established in numerous wood based panel plants is now even more accurate and efficient.

More efficiency at a more attractive price:

  • Usable for panel thicknesses between 3 mm and 65 mm
  • Finer graduation of the measuring step width and the measuring speed
  • Larger data volume and thus even more precise measuring values
  • Provision of the control unit apart from the production line in an "environment that is more appropriate for electronic systems"
  • Continuous measuring operation without cooling time possible

The development of the raw density profile is visualised in real time. Thus, the machine operator quickly receives reliable information that he can use for an optimum adjustment of the production process when, for example, starting up the line or changing the product. If irregularities occur, he can immediately take counter-measures. Production faults are detected and can be rectified in time.

A permanent monitoring and control of the raw density profile is part of the important parameters for a cost-optimised manufacture of wood based panels as the product properties of the wood based panels are decisively influenced by specific changes of the raw density profile.

Since the Stenograph does not need a cooling time - also not in continuous measuring operation - inconvenient "blind flights" do not occur during the otherwise usual switch-off phase.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Continuous inline monitoring of the density profile
  • Reduction of material consumption (wood and glue) by optimising the raw density profile
  • Reduction of run-in times (start-ups and product changes)
  • Production optimisation
  • Measurement of weight per unit area
  • Import of laboratory measurements for reconciliation
  • Connection to customer control via OPC

Measuring method

record raw density contactless

The STENOGRAPH records the raw density profile contactless by means of X-radiation. The X-ray tube sends a photon ray through the panel in an angle of 45°. A detector A provided at the opposite side detects the transmitted radiation and a detector B which is vertically movable to the ray records the photons spread in the material. This movable detector B scans the panel from edge to edge to be able to record the entire profile. The denser the material, the less photons reach the detector A by transmission and the denser the point in the material recorded by detector B, the more photons are spread in the material and detected by detector B. The raw density profile course is calculated over the panel thickness by combination of the measured values that are detected. The data can be used immediately and result in savings with respect to the run-in times as well as to the material.  


Adjustment of vaues recorded in the laboratory with actual values

If the GreCon DAX 6000 is used to determine the raw density in the company's laboratory, it is possible to import the raw density values with this unit and to adjust them inline with the actual values recorded.

A modification of existing systems is principally possible, however it must be verified in individual cases.


Integrate our systems in your existing processes

Our metrological systems are principally based on Windows and can be integrated in existing processes via different standardised interfaces. A uniform and intuitive operation concept stands for the high user friendliness of the systems. 

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Technical Specifications

Supply voltage:230 V / 115 V
Frequency:50 Hz / 60 Hz
Power consumption:approx. 5 kVA
Compressed air supply:6 bar
Panel thicknesses:3 up to 65 mm
Measuring velocity:0.01 to 2 mm/s on plate thickness
0.0004 to 0.079 inch/s on plate thickness


Our international service team is available worldwide.

Measuring systems of GreCon are principally provided with the online support system GreCon SATELLITE. On request, this system makes a safe and quick remote support possible. Every online support is recorded and documented in the history of the system.

Chose the service package that matches your needs from our modular service offer. We appreciate to be at your disposal for any advice!

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