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User-friendly software - the same look for all GreCon systems


Not only the measured values are saved in the database, but also the calibrating data, the plant conditions as well as the configuration and recipe parameters. A backup of all data mentioned is prepared automatically in regular intervals in the scope of the data storage. On request, it is also possible to configure an automatic database cleaning.

User interface

Principally, all user interfaces in all GreCon measuring systems are designed according to the same principle. The easy menu structure, which is generally the same for all measuring systems, makes an intuitive and user-friendly use as well as a quick familiarisation with new systems possible. Thanks to the module design, the user interface can be adapted to the needs of the user without any problems. The user receives the information relevant for his/her respective tasks quickly and clearly either in numerical or in graphical representation. Deviations from the regular production process are clearly signalised so that the system operator is able to intervene immediately and effectively. Detailed reports can be prepared for a further analysis.

Based on Windows

Principally all GreCon measuring systems base on the operating system Windows.

Recipe administration

All relevant data and parameters on the projects are compiled in the respective recipes. It is possible to generate new recipes or to edit and adapt existing recipes.


By reporting, it is possible to generate different evaluations for a production batch or a production period as e.g. filed measurements or system results. Furthermore an individual generation of a pdf-file is possible.


Measured data can be exported automatically or manually. For this purpose different setting options (data format, export register, file path, layout, plot) are possible.

User administration

Any user can be assigned to appropriate user groups according to his/her authorities. Every user group has a different number of preconfigured rights. These rights can be adapted individually. It is also possible to generate new user groups. 

  • Our measuring systems are principally provided with the standardised software interface OPC

  • Our measuring systems are principally equipped with the open standardised interface ODBC for the database access

  • The text-base exchange for recipe and measured data is supported for the implementation of old connection

  • Standard interfaces for Dieffenbacher and Siempelkamp systems are available for the connection to the production systems 

  • To feed out defective boards and signalise the system conditions, floating hardware signals are available which can be wired onto the customer control

  • Every measuring system has an automatic calibration system

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