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The Way to a Perfectly Formed Wood Based Panel

The GreCon FORMATOR reduces scattering variances automatically to a minimum. Consequently, new potentials to optimise the production of high-grade wood-based panels come up. Thanks to a more homogeneous distribution of the material, it is possible to reduce the area mass in production to the target value. By the resulting lower consumption of material, it is possible to reduce the manufacturing costs significantly. In the meantime the FORMATOR has established in the MDF production with great success. The field test in the OSB production will soon be completed. We will start the field test in the splinter area in the 3rd quarter of 2017.

Benefits at a glance

    • Saving of wood, glue and energy
    • Reduction of the material added just for sanding off
    • Reduction of run-in times upon product changes
    • More homogeneous products
    • Less rejects for the end customer
    • Better processing by downstream processes (sawing, sanding, milling, …)
    • Better coatability (e.g. lacquering)
    • Resistant edges through specific edge forming
    • Higher production speed
    • Higher capacity utilisation
    • Higher availability of production facilities
    • Steel belt protection
    • Longer service life of sanding belts
    • Lighter panels
    • Easier panel handling

Design of the system

The GreCon FORMATOR automatically homogenises the material distribution of the formed wood based mat so that remarkable improvements in panel quality and significant savings of material, process and logistic costs are achieved. A high forming accuracy is achieved by a combination of segmented scalper and X-ray scanner DIEFFENSOR. Both systems are integrated in a control loop so that the mat can be, for the first time, homogenised automatically. The DIEFFENSOR determines the weight per unit area of the whole mat with high resolution and regulates the segments of the scalper to the appropriate position. Thus, spreading fluctuations are considerably reduced, and the panels become more homogeneous.

Segmented Scalper

  • Individually controllable scalping segments
  • Modern control console
  • Gangway for easy maintenance
  • Software module for automatic control of the scalping segments
  • Customer-specific network connection

Tremendous cost reduction

Due to the precise weight per unit area measurement by the DIEFFENSOR, not only the material added for sanding, but also the nominal value can be reduced. Material savings of up to 5 % can be realised while the product quality is maintained. The clear reduction of spreading fluctuations leads to less strain of downstream production facilities. The service life of working tools, such as sanding belts, saw blades or milling heads, will increase. Panel surfaces become more homogeneous and thus better for coating. The consumption of lacquer is reduced. 

Improved product quality increases customer satisfaction.

The combination of homogeneous material distribution and reduction of the nominal value allows higher production speeds and output.


The userfriendly software of GreCon measuring system is based on the operating system Windows. Database, recipe administration and customized report functions provide those information the user needs quickly and clearly either in numerical or in graphical representation.


  • MDF / HDF
  • OSB
  • Particleboard
  • Insulating material
  • Gypsum fibreboard

Further Information

  • Installation position: in forming line
    Mat speed: max. 2,000 mm/s
    Segment width: approx. 100 mm
    Relative setting range per segment: 100 mm
    Necessary performance of extraction system: min 600 m³/segment/h
  • GreCon measuring systems are generally equipped with the online support GreCon SATELLITE. On demand, this system provides safe and fast remote support. Each online support is logged and stored in the system’s history.

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