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Optical inline fibre quality control for the refiner optimisation

The Surface Inspection System FIBERVIEW monitors the fibre quality inline on the basis of the number and size of shives, thus ensuring a continuous, consistent monitoring of the spread fibres in the MDF panelproduction. Fault reports and statistical data allow detailed conclusions of the upstream production process.



Kai Greten explains the benefits of the GreCon FIBERVIEW system



Benefits at a glance

  • Reliable, objective and representative evaluation of fibre quality
  • Control and optimisation of the refining process
  • Quality assurance and reduced customer complaints
  • Reduced energy consumption by the refiner

Design of the system

The measuring system is a solid, closed frame construction. The visual field of the camera is protected from dirt and dust by a tube. The entire camera and illumination unit automatically adjusts to changing working levels depending on the mat height. Changes in light intensity of the fibre mat due to different wood types, mixtures, changes in moisture or cooking conditions are automatically compensated.

Measuring method

The fibre mat is inspected by a camera system after the pre-press across a width of about 400 mm. Constant measuring conditions are created by automatic height adjustment of the camera and illumination unit including light regulation, independent of panel type and ambient conditions. The shives are automatically detected and classified by three image processing steps. This process is accomplished continuously – usually every 3 s – during the production so that representative information on the fibre quality and the inspection of the surface is available in real time. With this technology, it is possible for the first time to evaluate the refining process objectively. The energy consumption of the refiner can be optimised depending on the required fibre quality. For example, the process can be directly influenced by changing the distance of the refiner discs, thus reducing energy needed to produce optimal sized shives.

Software functions and visualisation

  • The visualisation software of all GreCon measuring systems is based on Windows. 

  • The core of the software package is the visualisation software. It records, stores and graphically represents all measured data. The simple menu structure, which is identical for all GreCon measuring systems, provides intuitive and user-friendly operation.

  • The database stores the measured values, thus allowing the operator to call up all events from history for analysis at any time. 

  • Using special software, individual time-related reports, such as shift or monthly reports, can be generated from the database. 

  • For the data transmission to higher-ranking process control systems, different network connections, such as OPC, are available.


  • wood based panel industry: directly after the pre-press in MDF-production lines

Further Information

  • Inspection width 400 mm (16 inch) with one line-scan camera
    Scanning directly after the pre-press
    Resolution 100 µm up to a speed of 84 m/min
    Automatic height tracking  
    Automatic regulation of light intensity  
    Scaling of the number of shives per size class on a reference surface of 1 m², for example  


The GreCon measuring systems are designed for a use in an industrial environment. The GreCon after-sales-service is available to you for any questions or the elimination of problems so that the systems provide maximum benefit and offer high availability even over the long term.

  • Our experts ensure an optimal and reliable function of your GreCon measuring systems in agreed intervals.

  • The GreCon measuring systems are equipped with the GreCon Remote Support SATELLITE to support the operators. This system makes a safe, easy and quick remote support possible in case of any possible failure, to control the system or to answer questions.

  • Qualified specialists with comprehensive practical experience are available to you for any questions and support in case of problem - 365 days the year.

  • As internationally acting company, GreCon offers a worldwide network of subsidiaries and sales and service partners with internal qualified service staff. Thus, a competent partner is available to you in case of need within very short time and in short distance.

You will find further information on the GreCon after-sales-service pages.

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