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GreCon BWS 5000

Stationary inline measurement of the mass per unit area with X-ray technology

Fluctuations in the material distribution cause increased production costs and reduced quality.
The Inline Weight Per Unit Area Scale BWS 5000 allows automatic monitoring and regulation of material distribution. The system keeps the fixed weight per unit area in the measuring position, even with changing wood assortments and different chip sizes. A visualisation computer shows the measured values and provides an easy parameterisation of the system. The BWS 5000 is installed directly in the forming station or at the dosing or forming belt. Special features of this system are minimal space, high measuring accuracy and unaffected by surroundings, such as dust, vapour and high temperatures.
Compared with other measuring methods, the advantage of the BWS 5000 is that even minor fluctuations in the material distribution can be recognised and automatically compensated.

Benefits at a glance

  • Stable and constant material flow of a variable wood mixture = material saving
  • No additional forming belt scale required
  • Non-contact measurement
  • Monitoring of the material distribution
  • Calibration with homogeneous test samples ensures precise measurements
  • Conversion of existing systems with solid radiation possible

Measurement method

The weight per unit area scale works in a non-contact way. The measured material is penetrated by X-rays. Depending on the amount of material and the specific weight of the material, the radiant intensity measured by the sensor is changed. This is the measure for the weight per unit area (kg/m² / lb/ft²). Different measurement transducers are available, depending on material structure and installation place. 

Software Functions and visualisation

  • The visualisation is the core of the software. The recorded measuring data is collected, registered and graphically processed. The easy menu structure which is adapted to all measuring systems makes an intuitive and user-friendly operation possible.

    The ergonomically designed software based on the Windows operating system allows an easy handling of the system by the operator. The recorded measured values are processed and displayed in a clearly structured way.

    Thanks to the visualisation software in modular design, the system can be adapted to your requirements so that the operation of the plant with different applications is possible. Furthermore the surface of the visualisation software can be compiled according to your needs

  • The measuring data is issued graphically and numerically:

    • Alert if the tolerances are not observed 
    • Display of the position in which the tolerances are not observed 
    • Freely configurable display of numerical parameters as information on the production type or statistics.
  • The system can be adapted optimally to the different requirements via recipes. The structure of the recipe management is very easy. The input of the panel-specific data enables the operator to start the measurement with only few mouse clicks. The start of a measurement and the necessary selection of a recipe make the integration of the measurement system into the process chain possible.

    • Any panel data is stored in an SQL data base together with the recipe parameters and the measuring results.
    • Display of the position and the scope of the violated tolerances of historical panels.
    • Easy search function via date and time.
    • Export of panel data.
  • Individual time-relevant reports as e.g. the shift and month reports can be generated from the data base.

    The graphic presently shown on the screen can be printed out by pressing a button. Furthermore it is possible to print out a numerical report in case of a change of the production types or the shift.

    It is possible to generate different reports automatically and store or print them, as for example:

    • shift report
    • type report
    • graphic report

    Furthermore it is possible to print out a screen shot of the history for statistical purposes. The data can also be exported from the history management in the standard file format XLS.


  • In forming stations,
  • at dosing or forming belts of wood based panel productions,
  • in the production of insulating materials or machined car parts.

Technical Data

  • Supply voltage 230 V ± 10 % / 110 V ± 10 %
    Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
    Mains type Phase/neutral conductor/protective conductor
    Power consumption 500 VA
    Compressed air supply 6 bar (precleaned, max. temperature: 25 °C)
    Compressed air consumption 150 l/min
  • Places of installation (other places of installation on request) Forming station / forming belt
    Ambient temperature 5 to 45 °C
    Relative humidity non-condensing
    Protection class IP54
  • Type of material Wood-based and insulating materials
  • Number 1
    Measuring process (see product finder) X-ray
    Measuring range 2 to 40 kg/m²
    Repeat accuracy (in case of constant environmental conditions) ± 10 g/m² (± 1 σ)
    Resolution (diameter of the measured spot) 10 g/m² (display resolution)
    • OPC
    • Digital I/O
    • 4…20 mA
    • 0…10 V

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As internationally acting company, GreCon offers a worldwide network of subsidiaries and sales and service partners with internal qualified service staff. Thus, a competent partner is available to you in case of need within very short time and in short distance.

  • Our experts ensure an optimal and reliable function of your GreCon measuring systems in agreed intervals.

  • The GreCon measuring systems are equipped with the GreCon Remote Support SATELLITE to support the operators. This system makes a safe, easy and quick remote support possible in case of any possible failure, to control the system or to answer questions.

  • Qualified specialists with comprehensive practical experience are available to you for any questions and support in case of problem - 365 days the year.

  • As internationally acting company, GreCon offers a worldwide network of subsidiaries and sales and service partners with internal qualified service staff. Thus, a competent partner is available to you in case of need within very short time and in short distance.

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