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Power Plants

Fire and explosion protection in power plants

The electric current which is permanently produced by power plants is indispensable for the maintenance of industry as well as public and private life. The thermal energy released by the combustion of biomass, coal or other fuels mechanically drives generators that produce electric energy. However, such an energy conversion chain holds various risks of  fire. Sparks and glowing particles, which can cause serious fire and explosions, can be generated in the individual processes.

A GreCon spark detection and extinguishment system significantly increases the safety and protection of the production facilities. It detects sparks in time and automatically extinguishes them – and has done so successfully for more than 40 years.

Danger zones in power plants

  • Mill/crusher
  • Furnace backfire protection
  • Smoke gas filter
  • Silo
  • Extraction system
  • Cyclone
  • Conveyor belts

The right solution

  • Foreign bodies, defective machines and high temperatures can be the cause of sparks, glowing embers and overheating. If these ignition sources reach the plant areas via extraction systems or conveying facilities, they can suddenly and unforeseeably trigger off fire or explosions. The parallel feed of wood and biomass pellets (co-firing) often represents an additional risk of fire and explosion.

  • A fire or an explosion can have serious consequences for your company:

    • Injury and loss of human life
    • Damage to machines, transport facilities and storage space
    • Production interruptions
    • Loss of income
    • Repair / Replacement costs due to damaged machines
    • Loss of customers
  • To protect your production, your staff and your machines against fire and explosions, GreCon offers you…

    • a fast, reliable spark extinguishing system which is especially adapted to your production
    • the detection of sparks and glowing particles in the areas at risk
    • the immediate automatic diversion of sparks out of the conveying system or water or gas
    • extinguishment – in 99 percent of cases without production interruption
    • recording of events down to the millisecond to help identify the cause of a problem

Protection concept for power plants

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