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Networking of Control Consoles BS7 NET

Factory-wide visualisation and synchronisation of control consoles

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

In a brief

In large production plants, several control consoles can be installed in different plant areas. With the network technology BS 7 NET, their signals can be recorded centrally. Centralized status information visible at a glance for the operator. Remote display on a PC - also remote or mobile. Cross-site condition monitoring.


Suitable spark detection control consoles: type series CC 7000 (all models), type series CC 5000 (version with master module)
Master-Module: Master Module BS7 Net
Method of operation: Standard and BS7 Touch
Number of networkable control consoles: max. 25
Number of zones: max. 1000
Data cable length between two points: up to 100 m copper cable, up to 2 km fibre optic cable, type MultiMode, up to 15 km Fibre optic cable type SingleMode
Network length total: maximum 30 km
Bus type: ring line with bus protocol BS7 Net
Control console numbers: 1 to 25
Connection sockets BS7 Net: IP 67 (only wall housing)
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