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Fire protection for the production of animal feed pellets

When producing sugar from sugar beets, the complete beet is processed. The sugar is extracted, and the remaining sugar beet cossettes are processed into animal feed pellets. The dust of dried sugar beet cossettes is inflamable. The GreCon Spark Extinguishing System increases the security of the production.

Customer statements

Manfred Mayr – Foreman of Measuring and Control Technology of Suedzucker AG

„The fine water mist spray effectively prevents ignition sources from reaching the filter system”

“We have the annual check carried out by the GreCon after-sales service to be sure that everything works fine”

“After the maintenance, we can start into the next campaign with a good feeling”

Spark extinguishment for the production of animal feed pellets

To ensure an optimum protection, the different processes in the pellet production are monitored by detectors that are specially adapted to the individual application. Highly sensitive FM 1/8 detectors, for example, monitor exhaust ducts for sparks. Areas at risk where light ingress is to be expected are monitored for ignition sources by DLD 1/8 detectors that are insensitive to light. Upon detection of sparks, either the associated plant area is shut down, or the ignition sources are automatically extinguished by a fine water mist spray.

Risks of fire and explosion

Molasses, carbolime and sugar beet cossettes arise as by-products. After the sugar beets having been chopped and the sugar extracted from the cossettes, the material is dried and pressed to pellets. The dusty environment and hot temperatures represent a risk of fire.

Suedzucker – a big player in the food industry

A total of 29 sugar factories make a turnover of more than 3 billion EURO. The site in Rain (Lech/Germany) alone processes up to 1,600,000 tons of sugar beets to 250,000 tons of sugar per year. This amount of sugar is produced 24/7 from the middle of September to January.

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