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Martin Bauer Group

Fire protection for the tea production

Wherever combustible, fine materials exist, fires and explosions can occur for different reasons, but generally with devastating consequences. State-of-the art systems that detect and eliminate sparks can effectively avoid damage to property and people as well as cost-intensive production downtime.

Customer statements

Konrad Ohlmann - Production Manager of Martin Bauer Group

“Our order books are full, and we cannot allow ourselves to have any production downtime”

“I do not take the risk of a blind flight anymore”

“I cannot imagine running our production without GreCon”

Technical details of spark detection

  • 5 control consoles of the CC 7000 series
  • Overall 38 detection and extinguishing units
  • Highly sensitive FM 1/8 spark detectors
  • Extinguishing agent: 120 °C hot water steam

Spark extinguishment for the tea production

Therefore, highly sensitive detectors are required which reliably detect sparks and glowing embers even in case of product adhesion occurring during the production process. Extinguishment is achieved with hot water steam having a temperature of 120 °C which is most suitable as extinguishing agent. The low water quantity reduces the effect on downstream process steps to a minimum, but reliably protects sensitive plant areas, such as filter systems.

Risks of fire and explosion

The processing of tea holds many risks of fire and explosion. Foreign objects and the mechanical processing can create sparks or glowing embers that can cause fires or even dust explosions within transport ducts or downstream plant areas.

Martin Bauer – the tea specialist

The family-owned company Martin Bauer Group was founded in the 1930’s. Today, Martin Bauer is one of the biggest tea producers worldwide with 3,300 employees at more than 20 sites. Their product range comprises a broad portfolio of teas and extracts as well as vegetable raw materials.

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