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Kröger Druck (Printing Office)

Fire protection for printing offices

Digitising and internet intensify competition in the printing trade. Therefore, flexibility and supplier’s reliability are important factors of success. Neverthelss, problems could arise if the supplier’s reliability is put at risk by a fire in the filter system.

Customer statements

Matthias Greve – Team Leader Print/Finishing, Kröger Druck

“The expensive thing about fire is not the damage, but the loss of production and the possible loss of customers.”

“The fast and solution-oriented cooperation with the GreCon service very much accommodated us.”

“An ignition source was detected and successfully extinguished. The spark extinguishing system gives us security that no sparks reach the filter and we are spared a fire like in last autumn.”

Technical details of spark extinguishing system

  • Control console CC 5004 with touch & slide operation
  • Overall 8 spark detectors FM 1/8
  • 3 automatic extinguishing devices

Spark extinguishment for Krögers Druck

After a fire in the filter, an appointment was made on short notice. After the technical clarification, the spark extinguishing system was ordered for a turnkey supply. Besides the mounting of equipment, turnkey projects also include the installation of electrical cables and water pipes. The spark extinguishing system protects the exhaust duct leading to the filter so that a fire like in the previous year is prevented. For this purpose, the material transports from the shear blade and the rotary blade are monitored.

Risks of fire and explosion

After printing, the print products are processed. Especially the mechanical trimming of the sheet edges holds a risk. Foreign objects or friction can cause sparks or overheating. Ignition sources can be transported via the extraction system to the filter where they meet an explosive dust-air mixture.

Krögers Druck, Wedel/Germany

The family business that was founded in Wedel in 1879 offers a large range of print products, such as inserts, brochures, catalogues or magazines. Flexibility and timely despatch are the factors of success.

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