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Energy Pellets Moerdijk BV

Fire protection for the pellet production

The Dutch pellet producer protects the dust extraction systems and the cooler at the Moerdijk site with GreCon spark extinguishing systems. Advice, installation and start-up were conducted by the Supair Group Tilburg.

Customer statements

Herbert Labee, Energy Pellets Moerdijk BV

„In the past, we had to deal with fires. Today, we rely on the GreCon system to exclude this risk.“

„Preventive detection and extinguishment are definitely the best solution.“

Energy Pellets Moerdijk BV – a subsidiary of the Labee Group

The company has been part of the Labee Group since 1991. Besides pellets, the Labee Group also produces wood chips and fibres and even cat litter. The pellets are used as carbon neutral fuel for power plants and heating systems at home and abroad.

Risks of fire and explosion

First, the raw material is milled in a hammer mill and afterwards pneumatically transported to the pellet press. After pressing, the pellets are transported to the cooler. In this process, it cannot be excluded that sparks or glowing particles occur. Fires or dust explosions are possible consequences.

Spark extinguishment for the pellet production

To ensure a safe production, pellet press, cooler and transport ducts are monitored by GreCon spark detectors. Upon detection, automatic extinguishment by a fine water mist is effected.