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ATLAS - the shoe company

Design, shoe lasts and moulds for security shoe manufacturing

ATLAS - the power of lightness

ATLAS - the shoe company - is one of the leading manufacturers of safety shoes in Europe. ATLAS looks back on a long history of more than 100 years in development and production. Today the safety shoe expert has 1,450 employees. 12,000 pairs of shoes come off the production line at the ultramodern production site in Dortmund every day.

No compromise when it comes to a perfect fit

Lightweight, flexible and safe

New materials, precise workmanship and modern production steps led to numerous innovations of the safety shoe industry in the past years. The times of chunky, heavy and uncomfortable safety shoes are history. Innovative trends from the sports shoe industry increasingly find their way also into the segment of safety shoes.
Lightweight materials, flexible soles and the ability to breathe rank among these trends. Of course, the products must meet the current standards, as e.g. EN ISO 20435, besides the modern trends of the industry.
Fagus-GreCon assists ATLAS as competent partner for this demanding challenge. Fagus-GreCon has been providing the full service for the footwear manufacture - since 1911. Besides state-of-the-art lasts and moulds, the family-owned enterprise based in Alfeld offers innovative solutions for direct soling. Thanks to the innovative technology of direct soling, a quicker and more efficient production of the shoes is made possible for the shoe manufacturer.

Tailor-made solution by Fagus-GreCon

The first project referred to the development of a lightweight, sporty PU sole for the new women's safety shoes "Lady Business". Modern characteristics as the design, fine materials and light weight had to be combined with a safe anti-slip sole. Afterwards cooperation for the development of an ultramodern solution of the new ATLAS safety shoe range "Sporty" was possible. The upper consists of a high-tech mesh material. The ability to "breathe", a snug fit, seamless workmanship and an extremely light weight are matched with the standards for safety boots. Accordingly a sole harmonising with the upper had to be developed. A very lightweight and flexible sole which provides for a shoe with a high comfort factor even in case of long distances is the result. 
ATLAS will rely on this cooperation in partnership also in the future. To supply the demand for modern safety boots, ATLAS will expand the production capacity with another fully automatic production line. Atlas trusts in Fagus-GreCon as full-service supplier for the new AMIR system. AMIR stands for automatic-material-integrated-robot. This modern last technology offers a great advantage for the footwear manufacture. Thanks to the automation last made of plastic, an even quicker production flow is possible.


Fagus-GreCon solutions for ATLAS
  • LADY BUSINESS - Development of a lightweight, sporty PU sole
  • SPORTY - Lightweight and flexible sole
  • AMIR Lasts - Full service supply of new lasts for production line

"Nowadays, the customers' wishes are very close to the wishes of the sports shoe industry - chunky safety boots are a thing of the past."

"We could find a very good solution to our challenges. Our needs and requests were implemented in a perfect way,"

Hendrik Schabsky - Managing Partner - ATLAS the shoe company

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