Fagus-GreCon announces dissolution of a Joint Venture with ECCO

Shoe lasts and moulds


As one of the leading suppliers to the international footwear industry, Fagus-GreCon announces the dissolution of their joint venture with ECCO.

Fagus Portugal S.A. and Fagus (Thailand) Co., Ltd. were established in 2015 based on a technology partnership between Fagus and ECCO, the leading premium brand for shoes and leather goods. The intention was to create an opportunity to learn from each other and develop technologies to address the evolving needs within the international shoe industry.

ECCO’s focus was to ensure continuity of supply in fit and production lasts. In addition, the company strives for independence from the market to be self-sufficient in all steps of the supply and production chain. ECCO has progressed this goal by taking over the production plants in Portugal and Thailand.

Fagus-GreCon has increasingly focused on forward-looking production technology in direct soling and provides a portfolio of supporting tools and applications. Through years of close cooperation with ECCO, it has been possible to perfect these tools. As a result, Fagus has grown as a direct soling (Direct Injection Production) expert, investing in emerging technology and a team of shoe experts.

Fagus-GreCon now provides consultancy to help improve customers’ production processes. This consulting, combined with implementing the latest technology solutions, aims to produce high-quality, efficient production and holistic project support. The optimal result is to create shoes with the perfect fit based on the latest technology solutions.

In the long run, this orientation has the potential to develop a conflict of interest between the two parties. Both companies agree that it is now time to focus on their respective strategies with the original goals achieved.

Commenting on the dissolution, Dr. Michael Gawronski said, “We are grateful for the opportunity to work closely with a leading brand such as ECCO. We reached this mutual decision to focus on our respective business strategies. Through this joint venture, benefits have been realised on both sides, resulting in product improvements for both parties. Ultimately, we are proud to cite technology and market developments in the international shoe industry. We wish ECCO well with their future ventures, and we look forward to continuing to support them and our other customers as an expert in direct soling technologies and shoe production.”