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Safety analyses in existing fire extinguishing systems - more than just an inspection of the system

12.15 Components are subject to ageing; technical enhancements make new protection concepts possible which have been impossible until present for existing systems. Insurers require extended certificates on installation and training. Companies grow, production plants are expanded, safety systems extended - or not. Here, it is added, there it is docked - and sometime there is a structure that in deed apparently works, but that is arranged suboptimally at some point or in the worst case even incomplete.

To avoid such a hazard potential, often small optimizations and adaptations or a software update are enough so that the existing system meets the state-of-the-art.

GreCon provides support for the inspection of all existing fire extinguishing systems.

In a first step, the existing protection concept is recorded and documented. In the scope of an integral examination of the current circumstances, as for example the year of construction and the condition of the system, the evaluation of safety reports or the alarm history memorized in the safety console, a recommendation on the actions to be taken is prepared independently from the manufacturer and taking into account the qualification situation of the responsible employee. This recommendation on the actions to be taken includes improvement possibilities which are prioritized according to urgency and cover the acute, medium and long-term need. A cost estimate is provided with every recommendation. The recommendation on actions is completed by the preparation of a “best practice” protection concept which describes the best possible design of the fire extinguishing system conceivable for this special case of use according to the state-of-the-art.

This safety analysis offers a reliable foundation for decision-making on the basis of which the overall concept can be implemented step-by-step in order to minimize also future unplanned production interruptions caused by fire damages.


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