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Reliable moisture measurement as important element in quality assurance

12.15 The reliable determination of moisture is an important requirement to assure the intended quality of nearly all bulk goods. No matter whether the question is of animal food or tea, the moisture may not be too low and not too high.

By means of the microwave moisture measurement it is possible to determine the moisture content of the material online - easily and quickly. The system measures independently from the grain size. Neither dust nor temperature influences the quality of measurement. The measurement systems adapt even to fluctuating distribution levels without any problem.

The measures are carried out either by contact of the material to be measured with the measuring head/sensor (MM 6000) or contactless by means of a guidance through a gap sensor. The contactless measuring process can be used either in case of a discontinuous material flow (MM 6000 VS) or in case of a continuous material flow.

The microwaves penetrate the whole material without influencing the temperature of the material. All the water bound physically is recorded and output by the detuning and attenuation of the resonance frequency of the sensor. The measurements are carried out inline independently from the density, the surface structure and the color of the material.

Up to 600 measurements per second during the running production provide values as significant and reliable as usual. They can be used to control the processes and result in savings in different fields.

By the remote support system GreCon-SATELLITE it is possible to inspect the measuring system online and defects can be removed quickly, if necessary, thus ensuring a high availability of the system.



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