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LIGNA 2015: Market leader GreCon prove themselves again with innovative fire protection and measuring systems

07.15 GreCon, leading international supplier of spark extinguishing systems and measuring systems for the wood processing industry, prove their innovative strength again at LIGNA 2015. Trendsetting developments in spark detection and extinguishment as well as measuring systems are presented that help customers to improve their production security and quality or to further reduce production costs.

To be emphasised is the new extinguishing nozzle concept with which GreCon can precisely adapt the amount of extinguishing water to the specific requirements. Combined with the tried and tested range of detectors, a spark extinguishing system can be designed that can be tailored even more precisely to the customer-specific production requirements regarding spark detection and the calculation of the amount of extinguishing water.

A further innovation in the area of fire protection is the possibility to integrate the control console in PLC control systems.

With the safety information system BS 7 NET events can be evaluated so that risks can be recognised in time. Different alarm levels are available to trigger protective measures, such as the shut-down of plant areas.

Measuring systems of GreCon have been accompanying wood based panel production processes for more than 40 years. Consistent further development as well as three absolute innovations now confirm the technologically leading position of GreCon.

For the first time, rubber – a great disturbing factor in MDF production – can be reliably detected and separated from the wood chip flow with the GreCon wood chip separation system CHIPINSPECTOR. This system, presented as a world first at LIGNA 2015, sends a combination of low and high energy X-rays through the entire raw material flow. Because of the material-specific absorption behaviour of organic materials, materials of the same weight per unit area, such as wood and rubber, can now be reliably distinguished with this technology.

As the first system of its kind, the GreCon FIBERVIEW allows objective assessment of the fibre quality in the running process. The measured values supplied by FIBERVIEW enable the operator of the refiner to produce a consistent fibre quality. Using the patent pending FIBERVIEW, the cooking and refining processes can be precisely adjusted and the consumption of energy and the fibre quality thus be optimised. A saving potential of up to 10 kW/h per ton of wood that is refined can be calculated.

The GreCon FORMATOR automatically reduces material fluctuations in the mat to a minimum. Thus, the FORMATOR fulfils an important pre-condition for a consistent product quality. The cost of production can be significantly reduced by reducing material consumption and rejects. The FORMATOR – an efficient combination of GreCon DIEFFENSOR and segmented scalper – has meanwhile more than proved itself in different pilot applications. Savings lie far above expectations.

Besides a network of more than 60 service technicians on duty worldwide, which is unique in the industry, GreCon now offer their customers a “fitness check”, a low-cost possibility to check the efficiency of their systems.

With these innovations, GreCon create the basis for future growth. Since 2012, turnover has increased by 25 %, and more than 50 new workplaces have been created. Continuous growth, accompanied by an increasing demand for training and services made the investment in a new building possible and even necessary. All departments of GreCon that have direct customer contact will move to a new customer centre in the new building with an area of 1.200 m²: sales and marketing, customer service with hotline, spare parts sales, scheduling of service technicians and the Academy for the training of customers and own staff. The optimum support of international customers is further improved by the amalgamation of these areas.

The planners were faced by the challenge to coordinate the interests of the protection of historical monuments, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Fagus Factory and the City of Alfeld with the requirements of the client. The completion of the new building is scheduled for September 2015. The refurbishment of the existing buildings will be completed by the end of the year.


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