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GreCon: for more process safety in your production

08.15 GreCon, leading international supplier of spark extinguishing systems and measuring systems for the wood processing industry, presents trendsetting developments in spark detection and extinguishment as well as measuring systems at INTERMOB 2015.

Detect delaminations inline

Delaminations between core layer and veneer often become visible when being laid. Costs caused by complaints and loss of image are the consequences. The GreCon BONDINSPECTOR, using an ultrasound measuring method that is adapted to the special requirements of the flooring production, is capable of detecting such defects in time. The BONDINSPECTOR detects defects from a size of 25 mm, smaller defects on demand. With this solution, delaminations can now be detected inline. This 100 % quality check makes an important contribution to guarantee the quality level demanded by the market.


Automatic and reliable surface inspection to control the panel quality

The GreCon SUPERSCAN replaces the manual inspection of panel-shaped materials. Each panel is inspected by a camera system, inspecting either one or both surfaces. Defective areas are detected where the surface decor differs from the normal (perfect) decor. Each defective area is classified in light and dark defects. The parameters for quality allocation and the sorting criteria are easily adjustable.

The system is self-learning. For known decors, the stored image data is called up from a database at the beginning of a new order. The system is immediately operational.

This continuous and constant quality control ensures consistent panel quality. The SUPERSCAN inspects the surface decor of each panel inline. Fault reports and statistical data allow detailed conclusions of the upstream production process and the product quality. Not only sorting, but the entire production process can be optimised.

Tailor-made fire protection concept

The filter media often represent a high fire load. If sparks or hot particles reach the filter, embers can form in the filter trough or the filter media that can ignite a fire. Fire in the filter leads to a long production interruption. The primary goal of a filter monitoring is the early detection of fires. This can be reliably guaranteed during the running production as well as during standstill times without false alarms disturbing the production process. The trigger thresholds of the detectors are adjustable. The control console visualises signals that allow additional measures for fire control. Any scenario from alarming the fire brigade to automatic extinguishment with suitable means can be realised. The spark extinguishing system GreCon BS 7 is a low-maintenance and robust system that stands out due to intuitive touch and slide operation. A finely-tuned extinguishing nozzle concept enables GreCon to precisely adapt the amount of extinguishing water to the specific requirements. Combined with the sophisticated range of detectors that is established on the market, a spark extinguishing system can be designed that can be tailored even more precisely to the customer-specific production requirements regarding spark detection and the calculation of the amount of extinguishing water.


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