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Fagus-GreCon at Powtech in Nürnberg with numerous innovations

08.17 Fagus-GreCon, international leading supplier of spark detection and extinguishing systems, will present trend-setting developments for spark detection and elimination at POWTECH 2017.

Fagus-GreCon completes the range of detectors for preventive fire protection by a new thermo detector which is even more flexible to monitor surface temperatures. The surface temperature can be measured in freely selectable positions using three contact sensors. If the temperature exceeds a set threshold value, the aggregate will be automatically shut down. Thus, the risk of fire due to dust deposits on the housing surface can be substantially reduced.

Furthermore, the high-precision temperature values offer new possibilities for analysis to deduce preventive measures.

In the future, the integration of GreCon control consoles in customer machine control systems will be possible via the field bus standards PROFINET, POWERLINK and Ethernet/IP. With that, Fagus-GreCon offers the three leading standard Ethernet connections to record and analyse any status of the spark extinguishing system in a central location which allows a decentralised architecture. The data of the safety facilities can be easily combined with those of the process control which opens new possibilities for detailed analysis to optimise the safe operation of the production plant.

With the fire protection mobile app, Fagus-GreCon completes the innovations in the field of fire protection. A defined group of people is automatically and without delay informed about an alarm or trouble of the spark extinguishing system via app, SMS or e‑mail. A specific emergency management becomes possible because the individual people receive individual actions to be taken, depending on the incident. Thanks to the fast and specific information, a possible production interruption can be quickly eliminated which increases the production availability.


In the field of measuring technology, Fagus-GreCon offers measuring systems using infrared as well as microwave technology. With the Moisture Analyser MM 6000, based on microwave technology, Fagus-GreCon offers a measuring system that is applied in many industries. The GreCon MM 6000 especially covers the diverse application conditions of the bulk material industry.

Besides a deep material penetration, the 2-parameter microwave technology allows a density compensation which makes a reliable moisture measurement possible, independent of the material quantity.


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