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Fagus-GreCon and Simplicity Works partnership

09.18 Fagus-GreCon works together with Simplicity Works - the 3D-bonding specialist

It is well-known the important role the footwear has in a human life. If you have ever wondered about it, you must know that apart from the aesthetic side a shoe can have, there’s something even more important and it’s about the ergonomics and protection it can offer for a daily usage.

Fagus-GreCon, founded in 1911 for shoe lasts production, is nowadays quality leader in the sector and offers a perfect set of Design, Lasts and Moulds.

On the other hand, Simplicity Works is a Spanish company that has developed and patented the 3D BONDING technology. This technology intends to completely revolutionize the manufacturing of footwear by replacing the traditional and complex stitching operations by a few seconds of a polymer injection. In this new philosophy, the upper pieces are directly placed in a three-dimensional mould along with the lasts manufactured by Fagus-GreCon and the polymer injected flow between the pieces edges bonding them and creating a three-dimensional and stable skeleton.


This technology carries different advantages with it, since the elimination of all intermediate steps needed in shoe manufacturing, going through the reduction of material needed because of the lack of overlapping surfaces, the labour needed reduction and getting to a more efficient industry, where the shoe manufacturing will be relocated and brought back to Europe, where it belongs.


Considering that it is a product that goes directly from its 3D Design to the final product, there is no room for variations in modeling and designing. Here’s where the precise shoe last manufacturing takes its important role, as it sets the three-dimensional shape the shoe will have, determining whether it’s comfortable or not. “Having Fagus as a partner in this project has been very important for us. Not only because of the quality of their products but also because both companies share similar philosophies and works towards the digitization and simplification of a traditionally labour intensive industry” stated Adrian Hernandez, inventor of 3D BONDING technology and CEO of Simplicity Works.


For more information of this technology you can contact Fernando Nicolás García from Simplicity Works at his e-mail, or Ian Niblock from Fagus at his email


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