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Fagus-GreCon acquires shares of Döscher Microwave Systems

09.17 With effect from July 1, 2017, Fagus-GreCon holds 24.5% of the company shares of Döscher Microwave Systems. Following Mr. Kai Greten, managing partner of Fagus-GreCon, interesting growth potentials result from the combination of technical expertise in the field of microwave moisture measurement of Döscher with the international sales structure of Fagus-GreCon. "Due to the more intensive cooperation also in development issues - thanks to the closer connection of both companies - future production solutions result which can be aligned to the needs of our customers better than before."

The measuring systems of Döscher already used in many applications of the food, pharmaceutical and luxury food industry optimally complement the Fagus-GreCon's range of measuring solutions.

Dr. Jörg Hasener, head of the innovation management at Fagus-GreCon, also acquires 24.5% of the company shares of Döscher Microwave Systems.

The presently sole managing director of Döscher Microwave Systems, Claas Döscher, will withdraw from the management by end of the year. His brother, Jörn Döscher, presently responsible for sales, takes on the majority of the company shares and the sole management on January 1, 2018..

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