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Decentralised Press Extinguishment with the New Machine Fire Protection System GreCon FLAMEWOLF

02.17 With the new Machine Fire Protection Concept GreCon FLAMEWOLF, Fagus-GreCon offer new, attractive solutions for the extinguishment of presses. A decentralised valve station for the use in spray deluge systems is available for the first time. The new valve station GreCon VS 2 is directly mounted on the object to be protected. The decentralised and space-saving concept does not require the usual water supply for deluge valve stations in a separate room.

A large range of newly developed extinguishing nozzles covers all areas of the press that are at risk. The new nozzles create a fine water mist by means of which an exactly defined protection room can be effectively protected. The water mist fills the protection room, cools and stops the supply of oxygen. The fire extinguishes and post-ignition is effectively prevented. Thus, successful fire fighting is possible in any position of the press by appropriate arrangement of the nozzles. The GreCon nozzles are dirt-resistant, annoying caps belong to the past.

For the water supply of the decentralised valve stations, only one wet fire extinguishing pipe is required. The water is available at the valve station at a permanent maximum pressure of 12 bar and therefore extinguishes much faster. With the wet fire extinguishing pipe reaching up to the valve station that is directly mounted on the object to be protected, considerably less oxygen is pressed out of the pipe into the source of fire.

For the Machine Fire Protection System FLAMEWOLF, the major part of the pipework is designed as wet fire extinguishing pipe. This reduces the maintenance expense by about 50 %, compared with usual systems that mainly use dry fire extinguishing pipes, because the current guidelines [VdS 2092, A6 as well as VdS CEA 4001, 18.4.6] stipulate to inspect wet fire extinguishing pipes after 25 years, but dry fire extinguishing pipes already after 12.5 years.

Flame detectors, that are resistant to false alarms, monitor a large area of the object to be protected from an easy-to-maintain distance. Wherever this is impossible, such as in the top and bottom heat tunnels as well as press inlet and outlet, detected fire is transferred to special detectors via fibre optic cables. The extinguishing system is immediately activated.

Fagus-GreCon offer a comprehensive range of maintenance equipment by means of which the customer can maintain the function of the machine fire protection system himself. All components of a valve station can be tested with water without triggering an extinguishment into the press using a mobile test box. Further devices help to flush the wet and dry fire extinguishing pipes. A mobile nozzle tester makes the cleaning of the nozzles child’s play.

With this innovative overall concept, the GreCon Machine Fire Protection System FLAMEWOLF opens new ways in object protection. Thanks to the modular design, every press protection concept by Fagus-GreCon adapts itself to the individual requirements of the production process.

The Machine Fire Protection System FLAMEWOLF is based on the basic principles of spark detection and extinguishment that have been successfully applied to industrial fire protection for more than 40 years. With the transfer of this decentralised protection concept to machine fire protection, GreCon support their market leadership in the area of preventive fire protection.

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