Looking at the edge: Three-dimensional edge inspection with GreCon EDGEINSPECT

The edge properties of panel-shaped materials are important quality characteristics. Defective edges lead not only to visual impairments, but also to subsequent material weakening.
Optical inline inspection of edges for optimum quality.

Measuring technology



GreCon EDGEINSPECT, the fully automatic three-dimensional edge inspection system, monitors the edge quality without contact and reliably rejects defective panels. Based on an error classification, error causes can be identified and remedied by appropriate countermeasures. This procedure leads to a continuous improvement of process stability and productivity.

Three-dimensional edge measurement 

Within the scope of quality control, the edges are measured contact-free in three dimensions on the edgebanding machine by one or two combined laser-camera units, depending on the requirements.

Thanks to this arrangement, the entire edge band can be monitored even with different panel thicknesses. At the same time as the edge band is checked, the transition between the edge band and the panel as well as the top and bottom sides of the panel are also checked. 

Reliable differentiation between defect and artefact

With the two-dimensional edge inspection used to date, the challenge is to reliably distinguish defects from artefacts that do not lead to any optical or functional impairment of the panel. In this respect, the new three-dimensional measurement is clearly superior to the classic two-dimensional inspection. With the new technology, topographical defects can be detected much better and easily distinguished from drill holes or grooves. Improved sorting quality reduces the proportion of unjustifiably rejected panels; yield and productivity increase. 

Versatile use

In addition to measuring furniture panels, the system can be used for quality control of any edge shape, even profiled ones. Depending on the application, it is designed for one-sided measurement of the upper, lower or both edges. The system currently allows component heights of up to 80 mm to be monitored at up to 120 m/min. Thanks to its compact design, EDGEINSPECT can usually be easily integrated into existing production lines, e.g. in the furniture or door industry.

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