Global Insulation Conference: Fagus-GreCon awarded with innovation price

Mario Konang, Applications Manager, and Philipp Kunkel, Area Sales Manager, receive the award at the Alfeld site.

Measuring technology


At the 15th Global Insulation Conference and Exhibition, held in the Portuguese city of Estoril from 02 - 03 November 2022, Fagus-GreCon was honoured with the "Global Insulation technical innovation of the year" award.

The award was won by the product GreCon MATCONTROL as the successor model of DIEFFENSOR, which is well known in the wood-based materials industry.

MATCONTROL is an inline mat scanner used in the insulation industry for measuring material distribution as well as for foreign object detection. In the field of glass wool production, it is essential to detect hot glass lumps as foreign bodies that have not been defibrillated in the production process. This is reliably achieved with the help of MATCONTROL.

During the official award ceremony, the award was accepted by Uwe Bellingrodt and Philipp Kunkel, who represented the area of measurement technology for Fagus-GreCon as area sales managers.

Global Insulation - important industry trade fair in the insulation segment

The Global Insulation Conference addresses, among other things, the latest trends in the insulation market, technological developments in insulation materials and advances in insulation production. Together with the Global Gypsum Conference, the annual events are the most important and largest of their kind.

Annual awards are presented in various categories for both industries. Nominations are submitted by participants in the global insulation industry through an online voting process. After evaluation by a panel of judges, the final list of nominations in each category is submitted to an online vote in which all participants of the global insulation industry can participate.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the trade public for their numerous votes. Secondly, we would like to thank the organiser for the award and the opportunity to present Fagus-GreCon at Global Insulation.

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