Successful FM certification of DLD 1/9 and IEM

Worldwide roll-out of the latest generation of spark detectors and automatic extinguishing systems.

Fire Prevention


When customers think about buying fire protection products, the importance of certificates quickly becomes clear. Because: Suppliers can tell a lot, but with certificates buyers receive recognised and tested safety guarantees.

And for good reason. Certification is an intensive process that ensures that products meet the highest standards not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of technical integrity as well as performance. They are not only proof of a company's credibility and reliability. Rather, certifications use recognised test procedures to ensure that products have been put through their paces before they enter the market.

GreCon components also regularly undergo these highly demanding product testing programmes. Most recently, in a comprehensive recertification of our complete fire protection systems including the associated components. A new addition is the award of the Factory Mutual Certificate (FM for short) for the current spark detector generation GreCon DLD 1/9 as well as for the Intelligent Extinguishing Automatic GreCon IEM.

A real milestone, because: The acceptance of the new components not only marks the end of a detailed and intensive testing process.  Rather, all GreCon fire protection products are now VDS- and FM-certified and accepted by almost all experts and inspectors worldwide - and thus also all product innovations and the latest fire protection features.

DLD 1/9 combines the strengths of its predecessors with IDT®

In the field of reliable hazard detection, our new spark detector generation with the GreCon DLD 1/9 is the logical further development and offers many advantages. It combines the strengths of its predecessors - namely the detection of sparks, glow nests and other hot particles - with its patented detector optics and the intelligent detection technology IDT®.

Because in contrast to comparable spark detectors, the GreCon DLD 1/9 is not only characterised by reliable detection. It is rather the detection in any environment - with or without daylight, in complete darkness or using other light sources. With its adaptive detection technology, it not only distinguishes between dangerous sparks and other, harmless extraneous lights - it also avoids, for example, false alarms, i.e. costly, groundless production stoppages.

Until now, only customers who produce within the scope of the VdS Institute and the certificate of the same name have benefited from the innovations and intelligent features. With the FM certification, this hurdle has now fallen and gives the go-ahead for the worldwide market roll-out of the next generation of preventive fire protection concepts.

IEM - Intelligent Extinguishing Technology reliably monitors wear and tear

The same applies to the GreCon IEM - our intelligent spark extinguishing system, which first of all does what customers could already rely on their predecessor versions to do: Extinguish before it burns! New, however, is the intelligent extinguishing technology (IET® for short), which detects components by precisely monitoring the extinguishing process and detecting wear at an early stage.

With this smartly collected data, not only clogged nozzles or insufficient flow pressure of the extinguishing water can be detected - elementarily important to safely and reliably prevent future fire potentials. Rather, increasing wear on nozzles or valves is reported in advance so that necessary maintenance can be planned specifically and efficiently. Before this smart technological leap, plant operators had to regularly interrupt production to check wear and ensure operational capability.

Certified unique - preventive fire protection products from Fagus-GreCon

The certification of the latest generation of spark detectors and automatic extinguishing systems not only underlines the commitment of our employees, but also the innovation and digitalisation strategy of Fagus-GreCon. "We are developing from analogue fire protection to digital fire protection" explains Mario Haas, Head of Fagus-GreCon Fire Protection. "Sensors and actuators are becoming intelligent. We work according to the principle of 'maximum protection with minimum disruption'."

With both VDS and FM certification of the latest GreCon components, we are now the only company that has had features such as adaptive detection technology in the area of spark detectors or detailed monitoring and early wear detection in the area of intelligent automatic extinguishing tested and certified. This demonstrably sets us apart from the competition - a huge advantage for all customers who want only the most reliable as well as the most effective fire protection products in the world for their installations.

Need more information? Don't hesitate - make an appointment with our fire protection professionals right away and get comprehensive advice! Or simply visit to learn more about our products such as the GreCon DLD 1/9, the intelligent automatic extinguishing system GreCon IEM or our integrated system protection concepts!