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Hydro Aluminium Recycling

Fire protection for the aluminium reprocessing

„Safety always“ - this is the guiding principle of the Norsk Hydro Group. To fulfil this principle, the subsidiary Hydro Aluminium Recycling Deutschland GmbH, which specialises in the reprocessing of aluminium scrap; relies on the GreCon Spark Extinguishing System.

Customer statements

Gregor Kurth - Plant Manager of Hydro Aluminium Recycling Deutschland

„Safety has top priority for Hydro“

“The spark extinguishing system and the records performed by the control console give us security that no sparks reach the filters”

“We would take this step again and again”

Technical details of spark extinguishing system

  • Control console CC 7016
  • Overall 9 detection and extinguishing units
  • Highly sensitive FM 1/8 spark detectors
  • Automatic extinguishing system

Hydro Aluminium Recycling Deutschland – Safety Always

The company is specialising in the reprocessing of aluminium. At the Dormagen site, 36,000 tons of aluminium scrap are shredded and processed to secondary raw material per year.

Risks of fire and explosion

The risks of fire that the reprocessing of aluminium hold represent a big challenge. The mechanical recycling processes like shredding, conveying or filtering are at special risk.

Spark extinguishment for the aluminium reprocessing

At the Dormagen recycling specialist, all areas at risk are monitored by spark detectors. Besides the highly sensitive FM 1/8 spark detectors, detectors of the type DLD 1/8, that are insensitive to light, are used in areas with light ingress. Dirt accumulation on the optics of the spark detectors is prevented by means of air purge adapters. If sparks are detected, the automatic extinguishing system will be activated. A fine water mist spray extinguishes danger potentials within milliseconds. The low amount of water reduces the influence on downstream production processes to a minimum. The investment in additional safety was judged very positively by the approval authorities and the property insurer.

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