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A quarter of a century for GreCon Limited

06.18 GreCon Limited is celebrating 25 years of business and commitment to the UK & Ireland market.

GreCon is a market leader, making people and places safer with its preventative spark detection and extinguishing systems which reduce the risk of fires and explosions in filters, silos and other production areas.

A comprehensive range of measuring systems and scanners are also relied upon to equip the ‘smart factory’ with rich information to support process control and quality assurance and the transformation to Industry 4.0.

The company is based in Blaydon, to the West of Newcastle upon Tyne. Customers are distributed across the UK & Ireland and served by a team of field service engineers.

During these 25 years, the focus has been on developing sustainable relationships with customers, such as the EGGER group. EGGER in Hexham (nearby to GreCon’s offices) is one of Europe’s most technologically advanced chipboard production plants. The parent company Fagus-GreCon GmbH looked after EGGER remotely from Germany when the Hexham plant opened in 1984. Founding GreCon Limited in 1992, enabled the company to provide a more local connection and enhanced response times for its customers.

GreCon was delighted to accept a recent order to upgrade a system installed with one of its first customers, the JTC Furniture Group in Dundee. A successful furniture company, JTC’s significant production capability sees a kitchen manufactured every two minutes. The GreCon spark detection and extinguishing system has protected the JTC factory for many years, and as a result of this upgrade, using the latest touch console technology, JTC will continue to enjoy this protection with enhanced functionality.

Jonathan Hamill, Managing Director of GreCon Limited said, “We’re delighted to celebrate this key business milestone. We look forward to further growth and GreCon will continue to help its customers address their challenges through a comprehensive product portfolio and outstanding customer service. We have a tremendous opportunity to make people and places safer, and factories smarter across the UK & Ireland”.


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