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Automated test laboratory for the wood-based panel industry

The SYN TEST PTM (Plate Testing Machine) system is used for automated transverse tensile testing as well as automated lift resistance testing of wood-based panels.
A big advantage is the repeatability of the tests. The adhesive quantity and pattern, curing time, contact pressure and centering are reproducible in contrast to the manual / semi-automated test. A deployment is possible around the clock, 7 days a week and an immediate transfer of the results into the production is possible. The operation is simple and is also possible by non-laboratory personnel. An increased production speed as well as a reduced scrap lead to a short payback period of the testing laboratory.

Benefits at a glance

  • Significant improvement of the repeatability of the measuring results
  • Reduction of glue quantity
  • Scrap rate can be reduced significantly
  • Increased production speed

Design of the system

The test system can also be equipped optionally with an automated raw density profile measuring system and an automated micro-wave moisture measurement. The two laboratory measuring units GreCon DAX 6000 and MM 6000 from Döscher can be easily integrated into the test system and also equipped automatically.

Measuring Method

Part handling within the plant is the responsibility of a 6-axis robot on which a double gripper is mounted. This consists of a vacuum gripper and a parallel gripper. The vacuum gripper is responsible for the handling of the test specimens and the parallel gripper for the handling of the test yokes and the assembled specimens.
For the two possible destructive tests (transverse tensile test and optional lifting strength test) different aluminum yokes are required. These are automatically provided for the preparation of the samples by means of their own feed belt with yoke separation and an optional yoke storage (lift-off resistance).
For the start of a test cycle, 1-10 pre-cut test specimens, in the specified dimensions, are placed manually on the conveyor belt of the feeding and cleaning station and a test combination is selected by the operator. Each test cycle receives an inspection lot number, which is specified by the customer and transferred to the plant via a data interface. All test results of the test cycle are transferred to the customer's data system, stating the test lot number.
After the start of automatic operation, the system works alone. The specimens are separated and then freed in the cleaning station by means of compressed air from adhering sawdust and dust. Then they get to the transfer position for the robot.

Software Function and Visualisation

  • The entire plant visualization is displayed on a 15 "touch display and is user-friendly and intuitive.

    In addition, a Windows PC incl. 27 "monitor is installed on which runs the software of the Grecon DAX 6000 laboratory measuring instrument, as well as the sample management and the software of the transaxle test station. The measured values of the DAX and the measuring curves of the transverse tensile test station are graphically displayed on the monitor.

    In sample management, the inspection lot numbers and the material-relevant machine parameters (adhesive pattern, adhesive quantity, test speed) are managed. In addition, the PC serves as an interface between the machine database and the customer database.

  • All measured data (weight, dimensions, density profile, humidity, transverse tensile strength, lift-off resistance) are displayed live during the test procedures.

    The output of the measured data is numeric and, depending on the test, also graphically.

  • The system can be optimally adapted to different requirements via recipes.
    The structure of recipe management is very simple.
    A test recipe is generated and stored by the plant operator via the touchscreen. To do this, you must enter the required tests, the material to be inspected and the quantity of material to be tested. The associated inspection lot number is either imported by the customer system or assigned manually by the operator.

    In recipe management, all default values belonging to a test procedure are saved:

    • Test specimen material
    • Test piece number
    • Destructive tests (lift-off or transverse tensile strength)
    • Non-destructive tests (density profile, humidity, dimensions and weight)
  • All test results are cached on the PC and then transferred to the customer database.


  • MDF boards
  • HDF boards
  • OSB boards
  • chipboards

Technical Data

  • Supply voltage400V + - 10%; 480V + -10%
    Frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz
    Mains type3 phases / neutral / protective conductor
    Power consumption13 kVA
    Compressed air supply6bar (pre-cleaned, max temperature 25 ° C)
    Compressed air consumption-
  • Places of installation (other places of installation on request)clean environment
    Ambient temperature20 °C +- 2 °C
    Relative humidity40-60%
  • Type of materialMDF, HDF, Tanin, OSB, Plywood
    Material/panel size50 mm +- 0,5 mm
    Material/panel length50 mm +- 0,5 mm
    Material/panel thickness3 - 50 mm
    Transport speed20 pieces in 1 hour

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As internationally acting company, GreCon offers a worldwide network of subsidiaries and sales and service partners with internal qualified service staff. Thus, a competent partner is available to you in case of need within very short time and in short distance.

  • Our experts ensure an optimal and reliable function of your GreCon measuring systems in agreed intervals.

  • The GreCon measuring systems are equipped with the GreCon Remote Support SATELLITE to support the operators. This system makes a safe, easy and quick remote support possible in case of any possible failure, to control the system or to answer questions.

  • Qualified specialists with comprehensive practical experience are available to you for any questions and support in case of problem - 365 days the year.

  • As internationally acting company, GreCon offers a worldwide network of subsidiaries and sales and service partners with internal qualified service staff. Thus, a competent partner is available to you in case of need within very short time and in short distance.

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