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Contamination-free Wood Chips by Automatic Separation of Foreign Objects of all Sorts

The GreCon CHIPINSPECTOR separates foreign objects so that high panel quality and significant savings of material and production costs can be achieved. The measuring systems that have been available so far are not capable of detecting a broad spectrum of foreign objects.

  • Reliable detection of foreign objects using dual-energy X-ray method
  • Even material distribution by vibrating conveyor
  • Diversion of foreign objects via precision flaps to minimise the reject of good material

Benefits at a glance

  • Improved quality
  • Satisfied customers through excellent panel quality
  • Fewer complaints
  • Improved product quality
  • Reduction of material costs
  • Fewer rejects
  • High material load of up to 55 t/h atro
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Less maintenance due to less strain of downstream facilities
  • Longer life of grinding discs

Measuring method

Using a dual-energy method, 99 % of all foreign objects can be detected in the material supply and diverted before they reach downstream processes. Because of the material-specific absorption behaviour of different materials, materials of the same weight per unit area, such as wood and rubber, can now be reliably distinguished with this technology.
Contamination of the material flow can be identified regardless of the surface structure or moisture content of the raw material. Foreign objects are even identified in thick material layers of up to 50 mm. They will be reliably detected even if they are covered by chips. The reliable identification and diversion of rubber parts before defibration significantly reduces the risk of contamination of the panels by rubber parts on the surface.

Detection of Diverse Materials

  • Rubber down to a size of 1 cm³, for some rubber types a minimum edge length of 6 mm is possible
  • Stones with a base area of 25 mm²
  • Glass pieces (3 mm thickness) with a base area of 25 mm²
  • Metal parts with a base area of 10 mm²
  • Clumps

Software Functions

  • The visualisation software of all GreCon measuring systems is based on Windows. 

  • For the data transmission to higher-ranking process control  systems, different network connections, such as OPC or ODBC, are available. Profibus and Profinet are available on request.

  • The database stores the data and provides a function to export it to other file formats for further processing and evaluation.  A  uniform  data  structure provides easily accessible data for process control systems. For statistical purposes, individual reports can  be  generated  from  the  database.  Available reporting  types  are time-related  reports,  such as shift or monthly reports, and order-related reports that can be selected according to requirements.


  • MDF
  • HDF
  • Processing of waste wood

Further Information

    Amount atro 12 t/h
    Assumed spreading density atro ≥ 140 kg/m³
    Conveyor belt width 1000 mm
    Advance 67 m/min
    Amount atro 30 t/h
    Assumed spreading density atro ≥ 140 kg/m³
    Conveyor belt width 1600 mm
    Advance 110 m/min
    Amount atro 55 t/h
    Assumed spreading density atro ≥ 140 kg/m³
    Conveyor belt width 2000 mm
    Advance 120 m/min
  • GreCon measuring systems are generally equipped with the online support GreCon SATELLITE. On demand, this system provides safe and fast remote support. Each online support is logged and stored in the system’s history.

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