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New inline moisture analyser with microwave technology by GreCon

04.13 For decades, GreCon has been a leading supplier of inline moisture analysers using infrared as well as microwave technology. With the new inline moisture analyser MM 6000, GreCon provides wood based panel producers with an additional device that allows precise and continuous monitoring of the moisture content of wood based panels.

To be able to offer highly-developed moisture measuring technology on the market, GreCon decided to enter into a cooperation agreement with Döscher + Döscher. This company is well known in diverse industries for their innovative and long-lasting moisture analysers.

Continuous availability of the material moisture allows for easy adjustment of the production process to ensure a high standard of product quality. Measurements, for which the material has to pass the planar sensor of a ceramic microwave sensor and the microprocessor-controlled evaluation unit, provide the density-independent moisture content of the sample.

The new MM 6000 provides wood based panel producers with a variety of new functions and benefits. For moisture measurement, the core and surface moisture are recorded extremely fast and precisely. The colour and form of the measured material have no influence on the measuring results. Moisture measurement is conducted independently of the material density and in direct contact with the measured material.

The MM 6000 can be used in different positions of the production process. The (residual) moisture can be measured after the fibre dryer directly after the rotary valve. The use of a moisture analyser in or after the forming line gives final data about the moisture of the spread chip or fibre mat. Automatic control of upstream processes of chip or fibre processing is possible. In the star cooler, the finished panels are checked inline for the pre-determined moisture values. Thus, an end product with reliable properties is ensured.


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