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Fagus-GreCon Builds a New Customer Centre

02.15 Fagus-GreCon builds a new customer centre for its GreCon Electronics division located in Alfeld, Germany.

All departments of GreCon that have direct customer contact will find a new home in the new building on an area of 1.200 m²: sales, marketing, customer service including hotline, spare part sale, scheduling of service technicians and the Academy for the training of customers and own staff. The conditions for an optimum support of international customers are further improved by the amalgamation of these areas.

Continuous growth of turnover, followed by an increasing demand for training and services make the investment that amounts to 3 Mio. EUR possible and even necessary. Since 2012, turnover has increased by almost 25 % to about 60 Mio. EUR, and more than 50 new workplaces have been created.

The planners were faced by the challenge to coordinate the interests of the protection of historical monuments, the UNESCO World Heritage, the City of Alfeld and the house builder. A new building is erected that will combine two existing buildings. The new building is designed according to the highest energy efficiency standards. After completion of the new building, the two adjoining buildings will also be refurbished under energy-efficient aspects. By this, the energy costs per square meter can be noticeably reduced.

For the house builder, it is important to use building materials that GreCon customers produced with the systems that are manufactured in Alfeld. So the two-storey building will have a wood frame structure using innovative glulam beams made of beech from Pollmeier company. Furthermore, the solid wood exterior facing, the windows made of wood profiles, the insulating materials, the OSB and dry construction cladding panels as well as the office furniture will be produced by customers of the company located in Alfeld. The house builder and the general contractor preferrably want to entrust companies from Alfeld and surrounding area with the execution of the building measures. The completion of the new building is scheduled for September 2015.

The refurbishment of the existing buildings will be completed by the end of the year. The new building, that is close to the World Cultural Heritage Fagus Factory, will not only be an additional eye-catcher, but also serve as a basis for a further improvement of the international customer service as well as for continuous growth of the company.

Architects:                                    BIWERMAU, Hamburg

Planning of supporting framework: Alpert & Zeck – Engineering and Architecture Office, Freden

General contractor:                        Ronge GmbH, Alfeld



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