GreCon MATCONTROL HF: Saving resources of man, material and energy

Within the scope of a facelift, the proven GreCon MATCONTROL HF system has been made even more sustainable and maintenance-friendly.

Measuring technology



In the production of wood-based panels, the GreCon MATCONTROL HF full-surface measuring mat scanner has been successfully used for over 10 years to measure the weight per unit area and to detect foreign objects in the endless strand. As part of a facelift, it has been possible to make this proven system even more sustainable and maintenance-friendly. The energy requirement has been reduced, the service life of the X-ray tube increased and accessibility for maintenance work improved.

Reduced energy demand

The energy requirement of MATCONTROL HF has been considerably reduced through continuous further development and optimisation of the installed components.

A new approach to cleaning the detector also leads to further energy savings. By using the existing infrastructure on site, the detector unit is cleaned by means of pulsed compressed air. Since a separate air blower is no longer necessary, the previously required powerful side channel compressor is also no longer necessary. Given rising energy costs, this is an important contribution to reducing operating costs.

Longer service life of the X-ray tube

The service life of an X-ray tube is influenced by the number of switch-on and switch-off operations. Thanks to an optimised safety concept, the average number of switching operations on the X-ray tube has been drastically reduced with MATCONTROL HF. The expected service life of the X-ray tube is extended, thereby also making an important contribution to reducing operating costs.

Maintenance-friendly design

All maintenance work that can be carried out by the customer can be done comfortably in an upright position. Since the X-ray tube is easily accessible, both changing the X-ray tube and calibrating it are easy to perform. The new arrangement is not only more convenient, the work required can also be carried out more quickly.

Material savings with MATCONTROL HF

MATCONTROL HF measures the weight per unit area over the entire width of the wood-based mat. If the weight per unit area is too high, valuable material is wasted. If it is too low, quality defects are often the result.

In order to achieve an even material distribution in the mat, the measured values determined by MATCONTROL HF are used to control a segmented scalper. This system, known as GreCon FORMATOR, ensures an even distribution of material in the mat. Considerable material savings with optimised product quality are the result. MATCONTROL HF thereby also contributes to a resource-saving use of material.