Successful FM certification of spark detector and automatic extinguishing system

With the "FM APPROVED" test mark, customers can see at first glance that Fagus-GreCon products comply with the strictest product testing and certification standards for loss prevention.
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Fire Prevention


After a long, detailed and intensive testing process, we are proud to announce that both our spark detector GreCon DLD 1/9 and the intelligent extinguishing automatic GreCon IEM received their FM certification last week. This is an important quality feature that our customers can now also rely on by means of a test seal. Thus, all important components in the field of fire protection are VDS- as well as FM-certified and are accepted by all important experts and inspectors worldwide.

As an independent certification organisation, FM Global offers a rigorous product testing and certification programme that sets market-relevant standards in loss prevention. Products or services bearing the "FM APPROVED" mark meet rigorous safety standards and are recognised by leading regulatory authorities worldwide.  

To obtain certification, the products are first sent to the organisation and put through their paces in a sometimes lengthy process - including environmental and functional tests.  

The certificate not only underlines the commitment of our employees, but also our product quality and safety. Furthermore, Fagus-GreCon is now the only company that has had features such as adaptive detection technology in the area of spark detectors or detailed monitoring and early wear detection in the area of intelligent automatic extinguishing tested and certified. This demonstrably sets us apart from the competition and naturally makes us very proud.