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Personnel development

As already emphasised by the founder of our company, Carl Benscheidt - the real wealth of a company are the skills of its employees. Therefore Fagus-GreCon attaches great importance to the personnel development.

Continuous development

The continuous further development of the employees' skills and competences is the basis of our success and highly contributes to the large growth of the past years and the possibility to launch new innovations on the market. To be able to guarantee individual training programmes to every employee, specific training requests are identified in our annual appraisal interviews and afterwards implemented by personnel development. Our company academy ensures the product-specific qualification of our employees while other subjects - professional as well as personal - are covered by in-house training programmes or external seminars that are booked.

Above all, personnel development means for us the promotion of strengths, the deepening of the interests and to make the individual even better in his or her respective area of expertise. Therefore it is our objective to promote employees individually in their personal and professional development - by training programmes, further education and the delegation of responsibility and new fields of duty.

With a strong management team, we are ready to act successfully on the market also in the future and to achieve our ambitious objectives. Our executives follow the commonly defined leadership principles and continuously develop themselves and their leadership skills by specific workshops and individual coaching. 

We develop our young talents preferably from our own ranks. To discover talents and be able to guarantee to them a best possible preparation for the later task, we have launched the project "future shapers". This is addressed to the young executive talents as well as to the future experts of our company. They are accompanied and supported in a programme of several years and participate in various training and coaching courses. The focus shall not only be the development of leadership competence and expertise knowledge, but also to sharpen the eye for inter-divisional aspects.

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