"First-class training" is awarded the IHK seal of quality

Hans-Joachim Rambow, branch manager of the Hanover Chamber of Industry and Commerce, presents the "TOP Training" quality seal to apprentices and the responsible training supervisors at Fagus-GreCon.



After school is before starting a career, but how do you get the perfect start to your career? For example, with an apprenticeship at an excellent employer like Fagus-GreCon! Because training at Fagus-GreCon is not only a tradition - last Friday, 4 November, the company's vocational training was officially awarded the coveted IHK seal of quality, representing the commitment of all those involved.

In order to receive this award, the company had to undergo a thorough examination as part of a comprehensive audit - with success, as it turned out. With this certification, Fagus-GreCon is currently one of only 26 companies in the Hanover/Hildesheim region that have been awarded the "Top Trainer" seal and thus sends a strong signal for dual training. 

"Thanks to this award, we now have an external seal of quality, which not only confirms our commitment, but also our passion for in-company vocational training to the outside world," says Hendrik Howind, Human Resources Officer at Fagus-GreCon, visibly satisfied. 

"In the course of a continuous improvement of our training quality, the seal is a sign that we have taken the right path - especially since the last 4 years. Now it is important to understand the IHK comments as an impulse to sustainably improve our training quality and to make it future-proof. Because apprentices are not only the lever against short-term staff shortages, but also the skilled workers and managers of tomorrow.